Have you ever thought about the time and expense of verifying credit applications? Since checking credit references is one of the most time-consuming and least-productive tasks which hotel accounting departments do, consider outsourcing this job of verifying credit information to Hotel Credit Association. HCA provides a credit reference verification service to hotels of all sizes throughout the world. We provide low-cost, highly detailed credit reports with a quick response time to hotel accounting departments.

Consider an employee's time spent on the phone, making follow-up calls, sending numerous faxes, emails, etc. just to verify a credit reference. When everything is taken into account, your costs to verify credit can be quite considerable. Hotel Credit Association eliminates a hotel's wasted time and energy by providing a low-cost, rapid response credit report. We also include any additional credit history we have on file about the client at no extra charge.

Hotel Credit Association specializes in saving hotels time and money. HCA provides unbiased credit checks in a timely manner and enables hotel employees to focus on collections, billing and aging follow-up. There are no start-up fees, no monthly or annual dues, no prepayment necessary and your hotel may cancel the service at any time. As you move forward to improve staff efficiency and lower cost, consider Hotel Credit Association for your credit verification needs.

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