Here's a suggestion...
Did you know that you can save time by faxing or emailing your completed credit applications to HCA instead of typing everything into our webform. HCA actually prefers to receive the actual credit applications by fax or email because there are usually less errors and typos which help us to find the credit information for you quicker and more efficient. This will also save you from having to retype the information on our website.

Also, the actual credit applications filled out by your clients will often provide us with additional information to utilize when we search for the client in our database which will help us to provide you with more credit history.

When submitting the applications via fax or email, we want you to attach a standard HCA Coversheet which identifies your hotel name and HCA member #. The fax # and email address to send applications to is listed on your HCA Coversheet. If you do not have an HCA Coversheet, please email, call or request an HCA Coversheet through our website and we will be happy to send one to you.